Residential Solar Power Systems and Its Benefits

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Almost everyone is interested in using solar power systems for their homes as well as for their business. They want to help in creating a better environment as well as contribute to lessening air pollution. Solar panel companies can provide all the needs of a residence when it comes to residential solar power systems. 

Solar energy is a good source of energy since the main source will never run out, unlike with fossil fuel as a source it becomes scarce and these situations result in rising prices of electricity and fuels. This is also one reason why people are shifting their energy source to solar powered ones. 

Kinds of Home Solar System

Grid Inter-Tied Residential Solar Systems

These types of solar panel systems are the ones that are connected to the electricity grid. With this type of solar panel system, you can get energy from the sun as well as from the electricity grid. The use of the solar system or the grid is smooth and switching them from one to another is possible. The main advantage of this system would be being able to take electricity from the grid if the solar source is not enough and vice versa. What’s more if there is any excess power from the solar source it can be reverted to the electricity grid and you can get credit from it which is called net metering. This is the lowest priced solar panel a home can get since the components used are fewer. 

Grid Inter-Tied Residential Solar Panels with Battery Back-up

In this type of home solar power system the solar panel is connected to the electricity grid plus it has a battery where excess energy taken from the solar panel is stored. Both power from the sun and from the grid can be utilized and when it exceeds the energy needed to power up the household and stored enough power in the batteries, it can be reverted to the grid and you can get credit from it.  The good thing about  battery backup will be being able to have a power source stored for p[power outages. With the battery backup up no need to worry about having no electricity during blackouts. 

Off-Grid Solar Panel System for Home

This type of solar panel system is not connected to the electricity system meaning it works solely. Energy from the solar panel is the only one used in this type of solar panel system. Batteries are recommended here since it is where excess energy is stored to support the power needed when the sun is out. Generators are also used to be able to provide energy needed during power outages. 

Saves you More Money 

Deciding to have solar panels for your home is not an easy one since you have to bring out a big amount of money to have one installed. However, using solar as your source of energy can save you a lot of money by having a zero monthly electricity bill or lower electricity bill. In an 8 years period you can get your return of investment by summing up all the savings you had from not paying expensive bills every month.  

Low Maintenance 

Solar panels systems need maintenance too, but they don’t cost a lot. Regular maintenance can make the durability of your solar panels longer. Protecting your solar panels from unwanted elements can also prevent it from getting damage or getting it dirty. You can ask for yearly maintenance from your solar panel installer, so they can check the conditions of the structures of your home solar system.  

Can Help Improve Grid Security

BY having a lot of solar panels in the area blackout possibilities will be lower. The grids are not prone to overload since excess energy can be handled by the solar panel system instead of getting stuck in the grid. 

Getting residential solar power systems for your homes can be a good decision to make since it can benefit you for decades or more. What’s more, you can help in making your community have less air pollution as well as help in preventing blackouts. If you want one you can get residential solar power panels by Solar Alternative