What Are Google AdWords and the Mystery Some People Call Pay-Per-Click?

What Are Google AdWords and the Mystery Some People Call Pay-Per-Click?

Google AdWords are advertising systems that allow marketers to display ads in Google search results that link to their respective sites. These advertisements contain specific keywords that display ads according to search results.

Google AdWords consider the audience for particular sites and accordingly display ads. Thus, advertisers targeting specific audiences make effective use of Google AdWords. However, unlike traditional advertising, the company does not pay Google for advertising its site. Instead, it pays to individuals for clicking their advertisements.

Important Perspectives of Google AdWords:

1. Positioning of Ads:

Google AdWords allow advertisers to bid and determine the amount they will pay an individual for each click. Thus, there is no set price which AdWords charge for ads. The bidding is based on keywords that connect to the company’s ads. Google will display ads of the company whose keywords have the highest bid, at the top near the sponsored links.

However, bidding is not the only factor, which determines the positioning of ads. It also depends on how effective the ads are. An effective ad is likely to attract more public resulting in more number of clicks.

2. Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization is the biggest advantage for Internet users willing to earn money and Google AdWords promotes this feature of online business.

Advertisers need to create an account on Google and produce ads that act as links in the Google search engine. Advertisers then earn money each time an individual clicks on these ads. Thus, search engine optimization is the basis of AdWords, both, for Internet users as well as marketers.

3. Marketing Tool:

Companies use direct marketing tools such as TV commercials, billboards and magazines to survive in the competition. AdWords is also a direct marketing tool through which marketers attract new customers.

Companies strive to create ads that get the right position and attract a larger community to their sites. Therefore, many companies appoint marketing professionals, who consider the product and study the entire ad campaign. Advertisers effectively use AdWords to estimate profits and hence, the amount of investment that the campaign requires.

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