Vanishing Work Ethic

Vanishing Work Ethic

The Futurist magazine reported that “55% of the top executives interviewed in the United States, say that erosion of the work ethic will have a major negative effect on corporate performance in the future.” The magazine further went on to state that “a number of factors may cause such a decline, including children who “watched their parents remain loyal to their employers, only to be downsized out of work.”

This has contributed to many of the post-baby-boom generation viewing work as “a means to their ends; money, fun and leisure.” The article stated that for this reason, “job security and high pay are not the motivators they once were.” A couple of current symptoms of the vanishing work ethic include increasing sluggishness and abuse of sick leave among workers.

Do you feel sickened at the thought of going into your job everyday? Do you feel like the daily commute is wearing you down? Are you burned out by gruelling hours and no overtime pay? An increasing number of individuals in the work place are beginning to feel the same way. The vast majority of the employed population are weary and increasingly concerned about their job security. Are you a hard worker in a corporate organisation that fails to acknowledge your diligent efforts? Are your personal relationships suffering as a result of never having enough quality time to spend with your loved ones?

If you are working hard for very little (not necessarily from a monetary perspective), and have an entrepreneurial mindset, then perhaps you would consider self-employment. I’m not talking about a traditional brick and mortar style business though. In this day and age, traditional business models are failing people. There are crippling overheads and hassles such as unreliable employees, insurance, security risks and so on involved in traditional business. Investment is usually on a large scale and profit is small. Actually reaping the benefits of profit may take a few years if you’re fortunate. If you are tired of commuting and all the costs involved in using transport on a regular basis, not to mention the environmental factors, then you may wish to work from home.

These days the Internet has taken households by storm! Online business appears to be the new age way to do business! It affords us the opportunity to be home based, from anywhere worldwide! Nowadays the Internet connects us with like-minded individuals on a global scale, thereby making the world an increasingly smaller place. Imagine choosing who you do business with on a global scale! Imagine having the choice to live anywhere you fancy in the world!

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