Understanding Key West Aloe: Is Key West Aloe A Good Way To Earn Money?

Understanding Key West Aloe: Is Key West Aloe A Good Way To Earn Money?

Starting in 1971, Key West Aloe offers a variety of Lab Certified Skincare Products. The idea of this company is to provide outstanding skincare products for men and women, backed by research, while offering an opportunity to create an income retailing their products. They offer free shipping for prices over $50.00. If the price is not over $50.00, it’s only a $5.00 cost for shipping. Can you really make money with their business opportunity? What is the cost to get involved with their opportunity?

The Thing: Key West Aloe offers several different products in many different categories such as Alothera Products, Tropical Products, Facial Products, Hair Products, Fragrances, even Intimacy Products and many more. Key West is constantly expanding and creating more products along with enhancing their current products to work more effectively. I will be giving a brief explanation of just one of the products from a few of their categories.

1. Alothera Intensive Hand Lotion: The smallest size they have is a $6.00 bottle made with 52% Aloe Vera. This product is supposed to repair and revitalize cracked, flaky, or dry skin. Wash your hands, apply this lotion, and await great results. During the winter, Alothera Hand Lotion could really come in handy!

2. Aloe Great Shave: This is a combo set that includes Excel Shave Cream(6oz), Zele Aftershave Gel(6oz), and Quench EX Face & Body Scrub(2oz). You can buy all three of these products individually for around $6.00 each or you can get this combo set for $39.00. I know, the math doesn’t quite add up. Many people think companies such as Key West Aloe are for women, when in reality, men can find tons of great and helpful products as well such as the ones in this combo set.

3. Just Between Us Pleasure Gel: Intimacy products for the win! They only currently have one product in this category which is the gel. You can get this gel for $19.00, plus shipping. This Pleasure Gel is made with 40% Lab Certified Aloe Vera, is water soluble, non-staining, and 100% safe to use with your other “intimate” toys. Very nice.

The Opportunity: If you decide you enjoy Key West Aloe’s products, you may want to consider becoming a Retailer. You will be able to offer other people their products and make money from the sales as well as saving yourself money when purchasing their products for personal use. Key West Aloe doesn’t have a Network Marketing Opportunity. Instead, they actually hire employees starting at around $14.00 an hour plus commissions from the product you personally sell.

The Cost: There is no cost and no inventory. The company holds all the inventory and you have to apply to become a retailer.

Yes, you can make money becoming a retailer for Key West Aloe. But it isn’t the best option available especially if you’re interested in a substantial amount of residual income with little work.

A traditional job is great and provides people security. However, they are usually not going to provide any type of residual or passive income. You will have to work hours in order to get paid. You don’t set these hours and you risk getting terminated from the company if you do not show up on time, every time. If you are interested in being your own boss, making your own money, setting your own hours, and enjoying financial freedom you should consider Network Marketing. Network marketing is part of what Key West Aloe does but without set hours. You will be Marketing a company’s products and offering people the same income opportunity that you found for yourself. This type of residual and passive income can be in the high thousands!

In order to get involved in Network Marketing, you first have to find a lucrative company. Next, you have to find somebody to bring you into the business or the industry itself. The type of Network Marketing I do, can’t be applied for. You have to join by getting in touch with someone already affiliated with the business. I have found a great opportunity and the starting payout if $1,500 a week.

I am going to work with you to get you involved in my industry and teach you how to create this type of passive and residual income immediately, all from home. You don’t need a college degree or any type of credentials to get started, all you need is a good work ethic and a brief education. I am going to provide you with that education.

Take into account that only 3% succeed in this industry and 97% fail. They fail because they do not understand what they need to do in order to generate a substantial amount of income or they try to implement what needs to be done and then quit after a few days.

Not only have I discovered an incredible way to make a ton of money through Network Marketing, but I am going to work with you one on one, step-by-step so you can achieve Your desired amount of success!

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*Dustin Hale is Not affiliated with Key West Aloe!

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