Things to Consider in Purchasing Wholesale Round Engagement Ring

Are you looking for wholesale engagement rings? Getting into the diamond business is not an easy one since you have huge capital and of course, find a source that you can trust and at the same time give a good quality of diamond rings you can sell to your customers. Diamond rings are becoming in demand because of the tradition where men should offer diamond rings to their partners when they decide to propose to them. That’s why the jewelry industry has been growing continuously as the year’s pass. One of the common engagement rings that people buy is the Round Engagement Ring, maybe because the round shapes are the common shape of diamonds that people know. 

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Investing on a wholesale round engagement ring will be a good thing since with this diamond shape you can create designs that can be pleasing to your future customers. What’s more it is the common shape used for engagement rings.  

Details To Look Into When Getting Wholesale Diamond Engagement Rings 

Diamond Engagement Ring Price 

Canvassing prices from producers will be a good start. It is okay to check prices from different sources before deciding which one to deal with.  Price may vary depending on the quality of diamonds but it will still be a wise move to know the prices to know the best deals on diamond rings. Be knowledgeable on the pricing of the diamonds so there will be no regrets in the end. Getting a real diamond engagement ring cheap will be a good way to start selling your engagement ring at a more affordable price too. 

4cs of Diamond Ring Wholesale

Diamonds should always be subjected under the 4cs of Diamond to prove their authenticity and quality here are the 4cs you have to check when getting wholesale diamond jewelry :

  1. Cut 

Cutting diamonds should always be done by experts otherwise, the stones can be damaged. Select a store that has a diamond expert cutter and owns machines that are known to cut and shape diamonds in a perfect way. Round diamonds are known as one of the top brought diamonds to use for engagement rings. Getting a good cut diamond can affect the durability, brilliance, and symmetry of your stone. The cut comes in three categories.

  • Well cut
  • Deep cut 
  • Shallow cut 

Well cut as being the best cut to preserve the quality of the diamonds. 

  1. Color 

Colors are classified  using the GIA color scale ranging from :

  • D to F as the colorless range. They are rare and the most expensive ones. 
  • G to J as the nearly colorless range. This range is a good replacement for the colorless ones, but more affordable. 
  • K to M as the Faint yellow range. 
  • N to R as the very light yellow range. 
  • S to Z as the light yellow. 

Colors sometimes are not that obvious when paired with a good setting, however, getting the best color for your engagement rings for wholesale will be better. 

  1. Clarity

Diamond’s blemishes can be seen when faced up, the lesser the blemish or a diamond the more expensive and the more stunning. Clarity grades are classified according to the blemishes seen by the naked eye and under magnification. The clarity of the diamond can enhance its brilliance and make it more sparkle of the diamond if flawless or very very slightly included.    

  1. Carat 

Carat determines the price of the diamond since diamonds are priced per carat. Good quality diamonds are more expensive. Round diamond starts are $2,500 per carat in the retail market but you can get it at $1,300 for wholesale price. Deal with your producers to get the cheapest round diamond you can get.  

Flexible Designs 

Once you have dealt with a good producer for your diamond business you can create engagement rings for cheap prices and even come up with several designs such as thin diamond band engagement rings. When you get an affordable source of round diamonds you can create not too inexpensive diamond engagement rings. 

Purchasing a Wholesale Round Engagement Ring needs a lot of learning and negotiating to do but by approaching the best producer you can get, everything can go smoothly and you can start selling round engagement rings according to your customer’s budget.