Reasons to Use an Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

An automated liquid filler handles the placement of a product from the holding tank to the end packaging without the need for an operator. This automated packaging can yield innumerable benefits to a manufacturing company or factory besides the obvious advantage of making work easier. It improves the packaging process by standardizing each different cycle, therefore yielding the following benefits:

1. Consistent and Reliable Fills

Uncertainty and human errors are completely eliminated in the use of automatic filling systems. This is because the measure of product which is normally determined by a highly accurate volumetric instrument is transferred in the same constant manner in each holding can for packaging. There are no chances for spillage by an operator or elongated holding periods which increases the amount of a product. This gives consistent level fills in all different filling containers and bottles, assuring clients of value for their money in each pack picked from a grocery store. Without these, observable differences could lead to retailers choosing packets that seem fuller than others to avoid losses from rejected packs, causing a whole lot of havoc.

2. Speed

If there’s a thing all businesses, especially those in the production industry agree to, is that time is money. Manual labor could be unreasonably slow especially in these kinds of industries where high production levels are required in order to meet the high demand. This is indeed one of the most obvious benefits, but one of the biggest advantages there is when using automated filling machines. Not only does the use of multiple fill heads and power conveyors make the production run faster, but it also ensures constant running, without complaints of exhaustion.

3. Versatility

Companies have different packaging sizes and different types of products for sale. A good example would be the sale of soda. Not only are there 500ml bottles, but there are also 1liter and 2liter bottles. Besides this, soda comes in many different flavors. To modify the automated system to accommodate all these differences requires a simple adjustment of the settings to handle all types of bottles and products that a company deals with. Imagine relegating these to manual workers. How many people would be required to make the process swift and avoid any errors in measurements and flavors?

4. Ease of Use

As with all industrial machinery, there’s an attempt to ease use by creating a better user interface in operational mechanisms. Automatic filling machines have instruction manuals that are easy to apply and understand, thanks to the PLC and easy-to-operate interface. All an operator needs to do is put in the amounts required as well as time intervals between two cycles using a touch screen that then sends this information to a recipe screen. From here, when changing from one size or flavor to another, all the operator does is go to the recipes’ screen and choose the desired recipe number from the database.

5. Growth Potential

There’s an undeniable opportunity for growth with the use of automatic packaging machines. When purchasing one, it is not bought to meet maximum capacity, but purchased with expected future growth in mind. This explains why filler machines come with extra fill heads and expandable filling tanks.

Move with technology today for maximum profitability!