Career Jobs and Employment

Career Jobs and Employment

Individual dreams vary. But a common dream is to have a rewarding Career Jobs and Employment.
What it takes to have a satisfying Career Jobs and Employment? Once you finish your education, it is important that you get a break, in fact the right break. The journey begins from the campus itself. The campus recruitment cell may assist you to get a placement. If that doesn’t happen with you, you are out in the sun to find a Bunyan tree. You have to hunt for the Career Jobs and Employment.

First Step : To hunt a job, you are sending your resume to various companies, either in response to job advertisements or even without them. But you seldom receive an interview call. You start feeling that there is something wrong with you, and that may give you the inferiority complex, or even the much dreaded depression in extreme cases. Realize that there is nothing wrong with you, but something is definitely wrong with your resume. So, design your resume which is your true reflection and the call letters for interviews will start pouring in.

Can’t Get Hired! : It is a bright and beautiful morning. You are getting ready for your interview. The hope is high and so is the anxiety. You did well in the interview but did not get the dream job. Your impressive qualifications do not justify such an outcome. Well, the attitude that you wear may give you the justification. Getting hired is a lot about personality. Remember! The ones who interview you are human beings. They look at you first, before they look at your credentials. Everyone loves positive attitude, but very few have it. You must radiate positive energy to get hired.

Switch Over : You are in a well-paid job. But you colleagues earn much more than you do. Hence, you are contemplating a switch over to some other jobs. The issue of Career Jobs and Employment has again overtaken other issues of your life. Considering a switch over is not a bad idea provided you consider the options rather carefully. You can’t act novice at this stage of your life. You ought to have a long term vision and strategy for your career in place. A person who is a visionary wouldn’t have joined Bear and Stern late 2007 or early 2008, even if the pay and perks were very attractive. You got to analyze the sector and the specific job offer thread bare before you leap.

No Fat for a Fat Package : Fat is not a good prefix except when it comes before the package you get. If it comes anywhere near you, you need to run. Stay fit, climb the ladder up.

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