Marketing A Credit Repair Business – Search Engine Optimization

Marketing A Credit Repair Business – Search Engine Optimization

The condition of the economy has caused havoc with people’s credit records and they are finding themselves in a predicament when it comes to securing additional financing, such as vehicle loans, student loans, and mortgage loans to name a few. Once upon a time, you could find advertisements for credit repair services in magazines, newspapers, and on television. High interest on credit cards has forced people into bankruptcy and the current mortgage crisis is taking its toll on individuals all across the country. Once again people find themselves in need of credit repair and the services this type of business offer.

What is a credit repair business?

Credit repair businesses are trained professionals who help their customers research the inconsistencies and errors on their credit report for a fee. They will help the customer write dispute letters to send to their creditors and credit bureaus, help them work out a monthly budget, and, if the company is experienced enough, have legal counsel help the customer resolve issues through legal action if everything else fails. Some of these credit repair businesses also offer credit-counselling services and repayment plans, working with their customer’s creditors on their behalf.

If you are considering starting one of these businesses, you will need to know how to market it properly to make sure that it reaches the people it needs to in a timely manner and also squashes any of the negative publicity that has surrounded them in the past. Legitimate credit repair businesses are actually very good at getting people the help they need and guiding them in the right direction. But in order to do that, you have to attract customers first.

Where do I advertise and market my business?

You can advertise and market your business in the usual ways – local televisions stations, radio advertisements, newspapers and magazines – and you can also market it via the Internet using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. SEO is the ranking placement of your website when specific terms are searched through Yahoo!, Google, and MSN. You want your website to appear within the first thirty that the search sends back and to do that you need to make sure the SEO terms you are using are ones that will yield your site in the results.

If you are good at building websites or you are having a professional build your credit repair service website for you, ask them about SEO’s and how to incorporate them into your site text that they return results when searched on. Search engine optimization can be done by hand – namely through the work of the web designer – or you can hire an SEO company to do it for you.

How do I know this SEO Service is right for my site?

A good SEO company will have a strong track record on marketing companies. They will know the exact search terms to use for optimum results and they will have experience dealing with a service-based business such as a credit repair service. If you are not sure which company is right for your site, research the many different ones that are out there. If they have a ‘resume of sites’ posted, take a look at the websites that they have optimized. This should give you a good feel as to which ones are the most efficient in search engine optimization.

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