Importance of Email Hosting Service for Your Business

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We might send a quick reminder on an instant messaging platform, but important business communication is still preferred via emails.  There are several free email services available today that are targeted towards personal use like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. However, many businesses use these free email accounts for professional communication. This comes as a surprise, given the benefits offered by Enterprise Email Hosting services. Today, we will talk about the importance of professional Email Hosting for businesses to help you make the decision about migrating to one.

  1. Email security

Free email providers offer good security tools but are designed to protect individual users from common threats and attacks. On the other hand, Business Email providers encrypt your entire session – from logging in to logging out, to ensure the security of your emails. Further, they deploy the latest antivirus and antimalware tools to keep online threats at bay. They also quarantine the spam emails before they hit your inbox so that an infected message does not accidentally cause damage to your email account and business. Hence, with a security perspective, professional Email Hosting from a reliable hosting service provider is important for your business.

  1. Customized email id is more professional

As consumers, most of us would associate an email id having the domain name of the business as more professional than one from a free account.

Which of these looks professional:

The second option, right? We associate free email accounts with personal use, and any business that uses a free account is usually considered lacking professionalism. In a market where brand image means a lot, a Business Email account makes more sense.

  1. Storage space

When was the last time you cleaned your inbox? How frequently do you clean your email account? Most of us are guilty of making this effort once or twice a year. Our mailboxes are hit by all kinds of emails – official, marketing and promotional, spam, etc. However, deleting unwanted mail is a time-consuming process since you need to be sure that you won’t need the email again. Hence, most people take the safer approach of not deleting any email. However, with a free email account, since you have limited storage, the inbox can become easily full, and you stand a chance of not receiving an important official email. 

However, with Business Email Hosting, you can choose the size of the mailbox based on your requirements. While this does not replace the need for cleaning the inbox regularly, you can at least be assured of not missing any important email. Also, if you are in a business where emails with heavy attachments are regularly exchanged (like designers, photographers, etc.), then you need an email service that can offer high storage space.

  1. Value for Money

While this is not the reason why you should opt for a Business Email Hosting service, talking about this point is essential since we are comparing it with a free email service. While we understand that if a service is free, then paying for the same seems unnecessary, the benefits you can derive from a business account easily justify the costs. In the long run, you will be glad you made the move.

Summing Up

Free email services can help you send and receive emails. However, any communication sent out by a business is like a representative of the brand. You wouldn’t want your representative to look shabby during a client meeting, right? Why should your email be any different? Migrate to a Business Email Hosting service and send out professional-looking emails while deriving the benefits offered by it.